LIVE UNITED :: 2018-19 Campaign

Local United Way Facts

Your United Way was established in 1976.
99% of your contributions stay within the local communities.
The Better Business Bureau recommends that 35% of funds raised go to administrative costs; YOUR United Way administrative cost is only 18%.
$52 will pay for one month of meals delivered to an elderly person by the Area Agency on Aging.
$52 will pay for 25 phone calls to check on an elderly person, living at home alone with no family in the area by Contact Helpline.
$52 will pay for a whole semester of after-school childcare provided by the Boy's and Girl's Club.
$52 will pay for 12 children in a sewing class or 18 youth in a livestock program provided by 4-H.
$52 will pay for one night in a motel for a family assisted by the Salvation Army.
$500 will allow the Red Cross to help a family who has lost their home to a fire.
$500 will allow Safe Haven to help a rape victim or a family that is being abused by the father.
$500 will allow Sally Kate Winter's Children's Home to provide a week of care for an abused child.

$1 can make a world of difference! Every gift is important.